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Hello & welcome to my website! I am an award winning and published freelance photographer specializing in music photography, dog sporting competitions and media events. I started in photography back in 1998 when I began managing a rock band in Los Angeles. Our band needed photos and I started shooting shows with a Kodak throw away camera. Yes folks, I used a throw away. Fast forward 14 years to present day and you will find me shooting primarily with a Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera.

I am committed to shooting primarily with Canon products. I am a self taught photographer and have never taken a photography class in my life. I have grown respectively in my work based on learned experiences and by building positive relationships with fellow photographers in my field. Photography is an extremely competitive field in every aspect imaginable and I am grateful for the many bridges I have been able to build with other photographers. They are all amazing artists.

I shoot events regularly for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Sea Shepherd is known for their Emmy Nominated documentary series "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet. Please visit their cause and consider a donation to this amazing 4-Star Charity Navigator organization: Thank you for visiting Sea Shepherd! In November of 2011, the County of Orange, CA presented me with the "Director's Award for Innovation" in recognition for my regular photographic contributions to the OC Animal Care Shelter. The award was presented to me on behalf of OC Animal Care Director, Ryan Drabek. Please visit OC Animal Care at Some of my work has been published and used for the following publications, companies & websites: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society North American Ring Association United States Mondioring Association Total Rottweiler Magazine NARA Ring Sport News K9 Behavior Services Dantero Malinois Contes d'Hoffmann Malinois Le Chenil du Loucyn Malinois Working Dog Photography Kinetic Lighting, Inc. Global Animal The Malibu Times Warwick Bass Forums L.A's The Place Magazine Guest of a Guest Los Angeles Orange County Animal Care Services.

I update the photos on my website on a regular basis. So please be sure to stop by again. If you are interested in contacting me, please do so at the following e-mail: Thank you for stopping by! Erin Suggett, Photographer Profile photo by photographer Laura Centeno Please visit her extraordinary work: Copyright Disclaimer: Copyright for all photos on this website belong solely to Erin Suggett. Images may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without the expressed, written permission of the said photographer. © Erin Suggett Photography 1998- 2014. All Rights Reserved. U.S. Copyright Office: